I've always disliked introducing myself as a "stay-at-home-mom." It sounds so lazy and unprofitable.  When someone asks me, "Do you work?" I respond, "Yes, I work from home." 
My position as wife and mother of five boys isn't your typical 9-5 job. Each and every day begins with the end of the last . I'm open 24 hours per day, 365 day per year.  Even your 24 hour Walmart doesn't offer that. I hold every title in my business and sometimes have fun trying to calculate what my salary would be if I were compensated for all of my services. I always come out a multi-millionaire! I am a nanny, housekeeper, personal shopper, full-service-laundry-mat, chef, janitor, teacher, nurse, chauffeur, accountant, customer service rep, judge, barber, photographer, travel agent, gardener, handy-man, exterminator, “female-escort” (wink), guidance counselor...etc etc. You name it. My favorite thing to do, and I think it might be an obsession, is to document everything. If it happens, I take a picture of it. I want a living record of my life with my family. Facebook has been a huge part of this. It allows me to keep albums while automatically dating and time-stamping it all. I get comments from all of my friends and family which make the captured moments even more valuable!
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