Alexander Pyles
A writer since his fourth grade teacher told him he would make a fine novelist some day, Alexander developed an early love of storytelling.
He has since developed skills in multimedia reporting after completing a master's degree at the University of Maryland, Philip Merrill College of Journalism while also working for Patch as College Sports Editor in Baltimore County. A former award-winning sports writer who was a frequent contributor to The Baltimore Sun, The (Wilmington, DE) News Journal and Inside Lacrosse, Alexander was also a police and local government reporter for the Capital News Service, where his coverage of crime and corruption in Prince George's County, MD, earned him bylines in newspapers and websites around the region. Before that, Alexander was a double-major in English Literature and Media and Communication Studies at UMBC, where he was also editor of the student newspaper. When not chasing a story, Alexander is chasing new personal records for distance running and (sort of) enjoys trying to break 100 on the golf course. He is also still working on that novel, Mrs. Edwards.
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