UMBC Students Tour Arbutus, Catonsville

An hour-long bus tour during Welcoming Week shows incoming students what neighboring communities have to offer.

On Tuesday, two busloads of incoming students were given a guided tour of Arbutus and Catonsville to orient them to their new surroundings and the amenities that are available.

Students living on campus moved in over the weekend, and classes begin on Wednesday.

The tours were led by Arbutus attorney Terry Nolan, past president of (and a 1982 graduate of UMBC), and George Brookhart, past president of Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce.

The hour-long tour followed the route of the UMBC shuttle bus, wending through Arbutus, Lansdowne, Paradise and Catonsville. Along the way Nolan and Brookhart identified points of interest—libraries, the post office, shopping centers—as well as favorite restaurants and bars.

Students were encouraged to shop locally and keep money in the community.

Brookhart pointed out that most of the businesses in downtown Arbutus and Catonsville are locally owned. "When you spend money at these businesses, it stays here rather than going to a corporation out of state," he said.

"We want you to be comfortable in our community," Nolan told the students.

Samantha Eng, a freshman biochemistry student from Brooklyn, said that the tour was helpful.

"I thought our campus was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees," she said. "I didn't know there was so much nearby."

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