New Performing Arts Building Opens at UMBC

The first phase of the 170,000 square-foot building is now open on campus.

Visitors to 's campus may have noticed the large construction site at Hilltop Road over the last two years as it has been transformed into the newest building on campus for Performing Arts and Humanities. 

The first phase of the 170,000 square-foot building has been completed and faculty and staff have started moving in. Students will be using the building when classes start next week.

Construction started on the space roughly two years ago, with work on the second phase well underway.

The first wing has a 275-seat theatre and a 120-seat theatre, as well as space for set design, rehearsal and costume and makeup.

The building also includes offices for faculty and staff in the department and also houses offices and writing labs for the English department.

The new theatre space is a real treat for students and staff, said Thomas Moore, the director of arts management at UMBC.

The university's old theatre was a renovated lecture hall.

"It's a teaching space as well as a performance space," he said. "This certainly puts us on par with the best universities in the area."

For more information about the building, visit the university's website. The university will hold a ribbon cutting for the first phase and a groundbreaking for the second phase on Sept. 19. 

Colleen August 24, 2012 at 05:16 PM
I am so excited for this building! Can't wait for Phase II to finish up so we can play with an archaeology lab and shared exhibit space. as for parking issues, well now we're just beating a dead horse. the parking experts came in and made many recommendations. there are alternate spaces for use, but you have to be willing to walk 5 minutes. apparently the longest walk possible on campus from a car to a building is 10 min tops. tho in inclement weather, it certainly can seem a lot longer. i always parked in the stadium lot by poplar and there's always a spot there, unless you arrive at precisely the wrong time, around 12-1 pm....
number9dream August 24, 2012 at 05:33 PM
Is this why tuition is so high?
Colleen August 24, 2012 at 06:13 PM
we're talking about umbc not umcp....
number9dream August 24, 2012 at 06:20 PM
it's all from the same kitty
Colleen August 24, 2012 at 06:41 PM
i stand corrected. umbc is about $9k a year in state tuition, umcp is $8909 according to their website: http://www.admissions.umd.edu/costs/. so the same cost. i suspect, however, that umcp receives a larger piece of the pie, as the "flagship" campus, an erroneous designation specifically designed/ created in the 1980's to ensure that umcp would get the most state funding and recognition. as with most colleges, apparently having a football team trumps research and learning opportunities. but i digress. b/c the construction of the new performing arts buildings is a great validation that UMBC DOES value their humanities programs (which make up a huge part of the education they provide to their students) even though it has comparatively received the short shrift for 20 + years as all the money was pumped into BWTech, science, and undergrad research opportunites. all totally worthwhile and a huge part of the reason we are a nationally recognized school for the value of undergraduate education (again, the comment on tuition doesn't reflect this rating either), but its about time humanities got some investment as well. *side note- note my use of umcp and NOT umd. there are FOUR colleges in the university of maryland system, not matter how much college park would like to forget there are any others. also, $9k for in state rates is nothing scoff at in this day and age of $20k plus per year rates.


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