Local Resident Donates Android Tablets to Hillcrest

Ellie McIntire gave 24 of the tech tools to Hillcrest Elementary School.

Ellie McIntire’s son is a first-grader at Hillcrest Elementary School, and she decided to give them a different kind of holiday present a few weeks ago.

McIntire wound up donating 24 brand-new Android Tablets to the Hillcrest technology department, according a press release. 

She connected with Eric Sloan, the school’s technology integration teacher, who advised her on the tablets that could best help the Hillcrest program, and McIntire finished the job. 

“I wanted to give the students an opportunity to use even more updated technology,” McIntire said in a statement. “The younger they learn, the more advantages they will have in the future.”

McIntire is a Realtor who works with Keller Williams Realty Centre in Columbia, and Sloan said that her gift is something that’s going to help the school for awhile.

In fact, Sloan already downloaded math and phonics applications and came up with a shortcut to a student search-site on the desktop. 

He said he's very happy to have gotten the 24 new tablets.

“They are durable, very solid, perfect for the kids,” Sloan said. “The plan is to use them for offline apps that will deliver practice instruction in math and reading for the primary-grade levels, K-2.

"This will involve basic letter sounds, sight words, math practice with basic facts and number sense. With the intermediate students, grades 3-5, we feel the target use will be more towards research.”

Missy Miller Aldave January 16, 2013 at 01:56 PM
That is awesome!!! Way to give back!!!
Jim Himel January 16, 2013 at 03:22 PM
What a wonderful gift to our kids (grandkids!) and to our community. Thank you so much Ellie!! For women who would like an opportunity to share, did you know that the Catonsville Womens Giving Circle is a 80+ member group that provided over $20,000 to Catonsville programs including a grant to Hillcrest this past year. Please consider joining the Circle. Catonsvillewomengiving.org Meg Tipper & Jim Himel
number9dream January 16, 2013 at 04:02 PM
Yes, get the children's mind-numbing training for automaton-hood started as early as possible. Also, excellent PR for Keller Williams. Catonsville's a good market if you can crack it.
MissAntelina March 28, 2013 at 06:17 PM
@number9dream: Yes, it is good PR for Keller Williams... but so what? Aren't the kids still benefiting from the donation? A gift, even if it has a name attached to it is still a gift. I am also sorry that you don't seem to see technology as a tool. As I am sure you know, when learning to use a tool appropriately, you learn its limitations and dangers and therefore respect the tool while using it. Perhaps if you feel computers to be dangerous tools then we should also eliminate pencils or gym/playground equipment? As a parent I think that the approach to the device is more important than the device itself and I trust our educators to make that distinction with our backing and support. So, I appreciate the donation. Thanks for giving back to the community, especially to the school... any contribution to our children's education is vital- they are our foundation and our future.


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