Sewer Main Break Reported in Randallstown

Bens Run is the site of the overflow, and officials are monitoring the water quality in that Patapsco River tributary.

Since last night, sewerage has overflowed into Bens Run, a tributary to the Patapsco River, in Randallstown.

"A blockage in the line, which resulted in an estimated overflow of 18,750 gallons, was caused by grease buildup in the sewer pipe," according to a news release from the Baltimore County Department of Health.

"Bureau of Utility crews cleared the line within an two hours of the initial report," it states. The report was logged at 7:44 p.m. and occurred just south of Big Buck Drive.

The Baltimore County Department of Health is monitoring water quality at the manhole overflow.

If necessary, water contact advisories will be published on the county's Health Department website. Currently, there are none.


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