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Family of Christopher Brown Calls For Federal Investigation

Charges against off-duty Baltimore County police officer aren't enough, says mother of Christopher Brown.

The mother of a slain Randallstown teen is calling for a federal civil rights investigation into the June 13 death of her son.

Chris Brown, mother of Christopher Brown, said in an interview Thursday that she plans to ask the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice to review the actions of the Baltimore County Police Department and State's Attorney's office.

"I want to take this out of the hands of the Baltimore County Police Department and the state's attorney's hands," said Chris Brown. "I'm trying to take this to the federal level."

Christopher Brown died June 13 of asphyxiation, according to police, citing a state medical examiner's report.

James Laboard, an off-duty police officer, was by a Baltimore County grand jury. He was after a brief hearing Thursday afternoon.

Laboard is accused of chasing Christopher Brown down after someone threw a paving stone at a door to his Randallstown home, about a block away from where Christopher Brown lived. Police said Laboard found Christopher Brown hiding in some bushes and an altercation ensued that resulted in the teen's death.

Chris Brown, the mother of the teen, said she believes her son's neck was broken.

"Christopher was dead already" by the time resuscitation effort began, Chris Brown said.

The charges against Laboard don't go far enough, she added.

"I didn't ask for the death penalty, I didn't ask for life in prison," Chris Brown said. "I asked for a charge of murder."

Russell Neverdon, a Baltimore attorney representing the Brown family, said he expects to complete and file the complaint no later then Friday afternoon.

"We're talking about an excessive use of force and a 4th Amendment violation," Neverdon said. "[Christopher Brown] was seized and his life was taken and that was a clear violation of his liberties."

A police department spokeswoman could not immediately be reached for comment.

Baltimore County State's Attorney Scott Shellenberger declined to comment on the request for an investigation.

"We will continue to cooperate and inform the Brown family on what is going on in their case and continue to work to keep the lines of communication open," Shellenberger said.

Tree July 12, 2012 at 10:27 AM
If the officer was white, he wouldn't be charged with manslaughter? Wow, that has to be a joke. He would have had to move out of state and go into hiding before he was charged, I cant even imagine the riots/uprising and death threats. We don't know if he called 911 but he is police and was protecting his property/family. If you just go by what Mom and the media is saying, you need to have your head examined. They weren't there and obviously Mom is not going to think her son did anything wrong. She should defend him. You won't here what the defense has because they are always quiet until trial. We don't know and shouldn't know what all the facts are in the case.
Laura Jackson July 12, 2012 at 11:57 AM
TO: MISSAMERICABROWN--or, should I say, to: Miss Brown (and you know who you are). First of all, I DO have children, thank you! In fact, I have THREE CHILDREN (ALL OF WHOM ARE GROWN)--ALL GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE--ALL MADE THE DEAN'S LIST AT ONE POINT OR ANOTHER! And, you say I spend my time judging people and arguing online? NO. Get your facts straight. I have simply stated the FACTS in this case. And, you have the BALLS to bring up the RACE card??? You say, "let's think back to the 1800's"?!?!? HELLO!!! We now live in a different time. Were you a SLAVE??? I am not sure about you or how old you are, but I certainly wasn't around when slavery existed. And, I'm pretty sure that most of the people in here were not around at that time either. I am SO SICK AND TIRED of black people STILL BLAMING all of the white people for the slavery that existed BEFORE ANY OF US WERE EVEN BORN! That would be like all Jews hating every person they meet that just so happened to be German (because of what Hitler did to them). It's just ridiculous! So, Missamericabrown--if you CHOOSE to bring up the race card and say how it isn't fair to this poor teen (who, by the way, CHOSE to hang out with these hooligans who were ALL out stirring up trouble that night), then let's go there. How about that black man in Baltimore City who turned the corner and hit TWO WHITE GIRLS with his car??? That SOB was not even charged with MANSLAUGHTER!!! So, where was the justice in that case???
Laura Jackson July 12, 2012 at 12:07 PM
Also, to Missamericabrown (NOT): It is obvious from your posts that you are black. So, I am assuming that you think the case of that black man hitting and killing two young WHITE girls with his car and getting off (NO CHARGES WHATSOEVER) was completely fair??? Of course, you do. After all, let's just go after all of the white people to "GET EVEN" for all of the slavery back in the 1800's. Right??? I mean--that's what you implied in your post. And, honestly--you keep talking about wanting to talk about who STARTED RACISM, right??? How about talking about STOPPING RACISM--which would be the more civilized approach people SHOULD be taking. In fact, it is upsetting enough to me that the majority of black people voted for "O" just because he is black. Got news for you. He is NOT BLACK! The man is HALF BLACK AND HALF WHITE. But, no--black people so want to believe that he is the first black president. Sorry to inform you; but, the man had a black father and a WHITE MOTHER. And, he was RAISED BY HIS WHITE GRANDMOTHER. Gee. I wonder if people who are born with both black and white blood in them are racists. And, if so--against which race??? Bottom line is this: STOP TALKING ABOUT SLAVERY AND ATTEMPTING TO GET EVERYONE TO FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. YOU WERE NOT A SLAVE. AND, NOBODY WHO IS WHITE TODAY WAS INVOLVED WITH ANY OF THAT. SO, STOP BLAMING WHITE PEOPLE FOR EVERYTHING. Keep up with the times. And, for God's sake--GO TO CHURCH. You might learn something.
Laura Jackson July 12, 2012 at 12:33 PM
FYI--GOD CREATED EVERYONE (BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN, HISPANIC, ETC.). So, if you HATE WHITE people (or anyone else in here who happens to be of a different color other than black), better have a talk with God about that. In God's eyes, we are ALL the same. We are all equal! It's just too bad that "man" doesn't think that way today. And, what's really sad is that a lot of black people are still playing this race card. I see it happen all the time. If two people are both qualified for the same position (one being black and the other white), guess which one gets the job? If you don't know, I will tell you. It is the black person. Why?? Because, if they do not get hired, they run to their nearest Civil Rights Activists to file a "discrimination complaint." Is that fair, Missamericabrown? I don't think so. I also do not think it is fair for black people to have their OWN churches (no white people allowed). Could white people have their own churches and not allow blacks to come in? No. Could white people have a Miss WHITE America pageant? No. But, there IS a Miss BLACK America pageant. Could white people have their own television network (WHITE ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION)? No. But, there IS a BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION (BET) network. None of that is fair. And, it certainly is not fair that black people have "CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS" to back them up. Who do white people turn to when they are treated unfairly? NOBODY. What is "CIVIL" about that?
CerahAnd July 12, 2012 at 01:25 PM
How disgusting that you would "laugh and, grin" at anyone who would potentially suffer from a loss as unfortunate as this. Regardless of the circumstances or outlook, you are talking about laughing at the death of someone's child. Your post trivializes this situation and displays a horrific amount of callousness.


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