Baltimore County Won't Evict You Over the Holidays

"I'm not putting somebody out over the holidays." - sheriff's deputy.

Many in Baltimore County have thoughts about other residents who are less fortunate during the holiday season, and that also includes the officials whose job it is to evict renters and foreclosed homeowners.

Nobody will lose their home over the holidays.

The Baltimore County Sheriff's Office, which evicts homeowners who have been foreclosed by mortgage-holders, stopped evictions on Dec. 16 and won't resume until Jan. 3.

"It isn't a law or anything like that, just something that we've done for the last five or six years," explained Sheriff R. Jay Fisher. "This is something we do on our own as a courtesy."

"I'm not putting somebody out over the holidays," said one deputy who asked not to be identified.

A similar policy is followed by constables working for Baltimore County District Court, which has jurisdiction over the eviction of renters.

Fisher said that there are presently evictions of 18 Baltimore County homeowners on hold until after the holidays.

"We'll have more evictions this year than we did last year," Fisher said. "Evictions remain pretty steady."

Between 400-500 renters are evicted every month in the county, according to court officials.

Granny Sue December 24, 2011 at 09:21 PM
Shame an eviction has to happen, but being a landlord and getting a run around from a tenant for 10 months on paying their rent and finally having to go to court to have them evicted it saddens me that they will get another free month of rent. After all there is still a mortgage that I pay on this house and the bank is not letting me slide on a payment.
al walker December 26, 2011 at 11:55 PM
hire a property manager. they will have tenant out in no time. you will pay that person a percent of the rent collect but may be worth it in the end. not sure but i know a person who has one and they are charged 10 percent of rent collected. but you will have bad tenants out and paying tenants in.
Donna Heil December 10, 2013 at 10:16 AM
Yeah I have the problem of getting someone out of my dads house. He died in april . How many holidays do t by ey need. She been living there for free depleting my inheritance. We have to sell the house to pay the morgage owed on it and they wont to give her another month she has bern living thete for free since april of last year. She had many holidays in tbers. She has no lease agreement or was on the dead. The ride is over they need to get her out of tbere. She has money for presents but not bills. They need to reconsider thers rule. Because its ruining my Christmas andbim paying all ths bills. My kuds wont have one but she will. Something isn't right with that picturd. They just dont want to work around tge holidays.


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