County Announces Rat Eradication Success

County officials said the Rat Attack program has yielded positive results, and additional neighborhoods have been targeted for rodent eradication efforts.

The results of a rat eradication effort in targeted Baltimore County neighborhoods are in, and county officials are calling the Rat Attack program a success.

"With continuing education and enforcement, we have achieved quantifiable results and positive feedback from treated communities, where residents are reporting a dramatic decline in rodent sightings," County Executive Kevin Kamenetz said in a news release. "People increasingly realize that human behavior is the biggest variable in successfully eliminating this health hazard from our neighborhoods and they are stepping up to make important changes like using rodent-resistant trash cans, cleaning up pet waste and addressing potential burrowing locations."

Since April 2012, the Rat Attack program has treated 2,100 homes in neighborhoods with known rat infestations based on complaints and inspection reports, according to the release. The cost of the program is $750,000 for a five-year period, with $8 being spent on each residential property.

The Riverview community in Lansdowne and St. Helena in Dundalk will be next neighborhoods scheduled for treatment starting on the weeks of Feb. 11 and Feb. 25, respectively. The eradication process involves licensed professionals injecting approved powdered rodenticide into identified rodent burrows.

The county is also conducting trash sweeps to eliminate nutrition sources for rodents in the treated areas, the release states.

Rat Infestation Facts From the County

A single breeding pair of rats can, under ideal circumstances, produce as many as 80 offspring in one year. The life expectancy of a Norway Rat in the wild is approximately one year. The size of a colony or infestation is directly proportionate to the available food supply. 

Beyond extermination practices, the industry-accepted solution to rodent control is for residents to eliminate food sources and burrowing opportunities. Residents are advised to:

  • handle and store their trash properly by using and maintaining rodent resistant trash containers
  • raise sheds and firewood piles off the ground
  • remove junk and debris piles
  • regularly pick up and properly dispose of pet waste
  • clean up pet food and birdseed

According to the county, the following neighborhoods have been treated to date, but officials plan to send exterminators back to ensure positive results. 

First Councilmanic District

August 2012:  Huntsmoor

January 2013:  Arbour Manor


Fifth Councilmanic District

August 2012:  Ridgeleigh, Hawthorne, Hillendale

October 2012:  Knettishall, Loch Raven Village

January 2013:  Towson Park and Towson Manor Village


Sixth Councilmanic District

August 2012:  Ballard Gardens, Holland Hills

December 2012:  Middlesex


Seventh Councilmanic District

April 2012:  West Inverness, Stanbrook, Eastfield, and Colgate. 

May 2012:  Eastwood

June 2102:  Berkshire

July 2012:  Eastfield, Westfield, Bear Creek, North Point Village, and Norwood/Holabird

September 2012:  Sollers Point and Gray Manor

October 2012:  Charlesmont, Turner Station and Old Dundalk

November 2012:  Logan Village

Barbara Parkinson February 11, 2013 at 02:35 AM
I live on Maiden Choice Lane and I have several neighbors who put out their trash in plastic bags every week. As I go by these bags I can see that they have been chewed on by rats or other animals. I also have neighbors who do not pick up their dogs feces or allow their dogs to dedicate any place they want without picking it up. I have seen rats in my yard during the daytime. PLEASE can't someone do something. I do not want to see a child get bitten by one of these disgusting rats.
Donna Hilse February 11, 2013 at 01:41 PM
I rode down Liberty Parkway's alley last week in the evening and rats were running everywhere. I don't think they have treated that area at all, it was horrible.
Donna February 11, 2013 at 02:01 PM
They are now in the front as well as the back. We had the eradication and sweeps and I see an increase in rats. I never saw anyone treating my alley and I was watching for them. Come Spring, they will multiply and we will be overrun. The treatment program WAS NOT successful in Colgate.
George February 12, 2013 at 12:03 AM
I'm convinced that Berkshire was NOT treated! I saw no evidence that any powders were put in the holes as they said would happen, and I never saw a single dead rat. After the treatment in 2011 there were carcasses showing up for weeks and barely a single live rats seen for months. Ths time, the population went up instead of down. I think the contractor ripped us off!!
Mrs Smith February 19, 2013 at 02:13 PM
I would like to say, there are MANYcomments stating that areas HAVE been treated and continue to be monitored and treated, for the infestation in all of the areas, IF in fact this is so, I suggest those seeing the rats, try to trap them, take them dead or alive, and cash them in to the authorities for rewards, since they are claiming to have taken care of the problem. IF in fact they want proof, GIVE it to them, Since they are spending millions on controlling this problem, surely they can afford , hhmm, lets say twenty dollars per rat turned into the department responsible. Evere heard of bounty hunters, well I guess we should try it with the rats>? MAYBE they would actualy DO SOMETHING`````````This would get those that are NOT doing their part to at least try to catch them for the money, and those that are spending so much to avoid them a sort of return for their money. WHAT A DAM JOKE, NO ONE is doing anything, or their would be some kind of improvement somewhere.As far as putting trash out in bags, GET REAL, they should be made to pay for NOT using trash cans, how stupid is that, putting dinner out for the rats``````````` ALL of this is disgusting. We have MORE vacant buildings, and unkept open establishments to feed rats for decades. The government needs to step up, give sitations, stand behind them, and CONSTANTLY patrol and control this problem.


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