White Student Union Protesters Blocked from Towson U. President's Inauguration

The protestors were attempting to deliver petitions against the proposed student group to President Maravene Loeschke during the ceremony.

A group of protesters opposed to a were turned away from President Maravene Loeschke's inauguration ceremony Friday afternoon.

A news release sent from the —a group serving low-income people, particularly minorities—Friday morning stated that the organization's activist branch Change Nation planned to deliver more than 12,000 petition letters asking Loeschke to denounce the proposed student group during the ceremony.

In an email, the Washington, D.C. based service organization's press secretary Donna De La Cruz wrote that the protestors, who as of Friday afternoon had collected more than 18,000 letters, were escorted out of Towson University Arena, where the ceremony was held.

Students looking to start the White Student Union were previously involved in the former student group , which prompted controversy when members allegedly scrawled "White Pride" in chalk at various campus locations.

A spokeswoman for the university said Thursday that as of Monday, no paperwork was filed for the White Student Union.

, a former Towson University professor and student, assumed her post as president on Jan. 1. 

Dave September 18, 2012 at 01:49 PM
JD1, I love how you write as if your perspective is the absolute God's honest truth. You and Thomas were at least having a discussion until you referred to him as a child. He's old enough to die for this country. There are some decent to very good schools in Balto City. You must have been teaching at one of those. There are a whole lot more that fit Thomas's description. I mean come on, one of the main arguments that people give for leaving Baltimore City is because of a LACK of access to a quality education. I'll tell you this JD1, at least half the country if not more does not agree with your perspective about racism and discrimination being a thing of the past. I'd also be willing to bet that 95% of black people know it's not a thing of the past.
M. Sullivan September 18, 2012 at 04:26 PM
Hey JD1, what's with the childish name calling? Are you still in high school? Anyone who writes in a public forum should at least use good grammar if they expect any respect, AH.
Thomas September 18, 2012 at 05:06 PM
My belief isn't limited to just believing that minorities need group affiliation in order to succeed. However I believe that groups like BSU that tend to promote awareness of opportunities and celebrates the history of successful blacks helps give encouragement to black youth which then inspires them to succeed. Your statement that BSU talks about how "the man holds black people down" proves your ignorance. To assume and generalize that all BSUs (if any) blame whites is unfair and inaccurate. I had the privilege of growing up in a stable two parent household in a suburban neighborhood. My parents are Black middle class Americans that hold good work ethics, own their home and drive a BMW and a Honda. My father does look at his siblings with a bit of resentment for them oppressing their own mind because of fear of rejection but at the same time my father never denied the fact that he experienced racism and obstacles while trying to obtain the success that he now has. My parents purposely named me "Thomas" so that if I sent a resume to an employer it would not automatically be tossed aside. I know from personal experience in the classroom I didn't always receive the same treatment as my white classmates from some of my teachers often times I was ignored. At the beginning of this discussion you conceded that there was a racial bias in society that tended to favor whites in the hiring process you called it "Resistance from the White community" now you want to say simply get a job?
Preston Wiginton September 22, 2012 at 01:24 PM
"'Racism' is a natural love of that which is closer genetically to you. As such racism is a good thing and has kept us alive for millions of years. It is an integral part of the group survival instinct in all humans. It is part of nature. Nature favours diversity and uses the group survival instinct to promote and further diversity. It is 'racism' that causes us to love our children above all others, then our family, then our extended family and community. To tell us to ‘love’ strangers in the same way and to the same extent as we would love our own sounds good and righteous, but when analysed is perverse. The logical extension of this ‘equal love’ doctrine would make us extinct in a few generations. We would be prevented from showing any special care for our children. We would have to neglect them and look after others. To fail to show that extra love for our family and community would break the bonds of that community. It would cease to be a community and would collapse. ’Racism’ binds us together as a family and a community. It is not hate. It is passionate duty. It is selfless commitment to those we care for. It is love without lust. It is indeed the purest form of love. It is what makes life worth living. Without love we are nothing. Without love we are fodder for the tyrants, able to be manipulated by the trivia in an ever unfulfilled search to fill that hole in our souls which can only be filled by love of our own. Racism is love. 'Anti racism' is hate."
Dave September 23, 2012 at 03:40 PM
War is peace. Slavery is freedom. - 1984


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