Stemmers Run Student's Grandfather Charged with Gun Violation

Baltimore County police said a 13-year-old boy threatened a teacher and classmates with a handgun Tuesday morning.

The grandfather of a student who brought a handgun to Stemmers Run Middle School was charged with a gun law violation Tuesday afternoon. 

A allegedly pointed a .25 caliber handgun at his teacher, classmates and himself before the teacher intervened and disarmed him. The boy was taken into custody.

The boy's grandfather, 70-year-old Norman James Gatewood of the 300-block Stillwater Road in Essex, was charged with violating a law mandating weapons be secured from children under 15 years of age, according to a Baltimore County Police Department news release. Gatewood allegedly owned the gun the boy brought to the school.

"We’ll charge any individual who violates the [gun] law," police Chief Jim Johnson said in the release.

Following the incident, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz ordered

"The teachable moment here is, 'Lock your weapons up,'" Johnson said in the release.

Steve September 13, 2012 at 12:22 PM
Sure Al, firing your pistol in a crowded, pitch black, theater would really do a lot of good.
Joe September 13, 2012 at 12:41 PM
Maybe FIREARM SAFETY classes are in order. Get the NRA Eddie Eagle course in all schools. "NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program Reaches 24 Millionth Child" "More than 26,000 educators, law enforcement agencies, and civic organizations have taught the program since 1988. “The Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program continues to receive outstanding feedback from program users and parents,” said Eric Lipp, Program Manager of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program. “I am tremendously happy to be able to say that Eddie Eagle has now reached over 24 million children with his life saving message.” Eddie Eagle Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program Law enforcement’s partnership with Eddie Eagle has proven to be very effective. Along with schools and libraries, law enforcement agencies are one of the few groups allowed to purchase an Eddie Eagle mascot costume. NRA also offers free Eddie Eagle materials to any law enforcement agency, hospital, or educational facility across the nation. To receive these free materials, or to purchase an Eddie Eagle costume, please contact the Eddie Eagle Department at 800-231-0752./; The answer to sexual relations in the teens was to start sex ed earlier. The answer to this could be to teach them about firearms.
Joe September 13, 2012 at 12:49 PM
Steve, the cops did just that on the street outside the Empire State Building and 7 people were shot by the cops not by the perp with a gun.
Leah Griffin September 13, 2012 at 03:08 PM
You are ridiculous to think that 2 or 3 Student Resource Officers can be EVERYWHERE at ALL times. My children attended Kenwood High and the 2 resource officers (Knudsen and Cooper) were phenomenal in dealing with the amount of issues that were presented to them DAILY. They built relationships with the students and treated them with respect, which is more than I can say for some parents of these same students. Once again, another person who wants to blame the police, the school system, ANYONE other than who should really be blamed....THE PARENTS!! Unfortunately too many parents are afraid of their own kids....I subscribe to the philosophy...you live under my roof, I have the right to know whatever the hell I want to know about your every day comings and goings. Worry first about being a PARENT and less about being a FRIEND. My kids talk to me, their friends talk to me and they all know that I will be there to help them with a minute's notice. Stop blaming everyone else and start focusing on what the problems are and work on correcting them!! Respect, attitude and social skills are first learned at home...be a ROLE MODEL!!
Leah Griffin September 13, 2012 at 03:19 PM
Tim, you are correct...bullying has taken place in every generation, but as a parent of recent high school students....all I can say is WOW, we had nothing on these kids!! Some of the stuff I see when I look at my sons' FB and twitter accounts that are posted by other kids that they know are unbelievable! If either of my sons posted anything of that nature, even now...since they are technically adults at 18 & 19, I would rip them from one end of the earth to another. Adult or not, I expect my sons to be decent, productive members of society and I reinforce my expectations with them frequently. They are far from angels...but they know where the line is drawn and they know the consequences if they cross it. Boundaries, expectations, rules...what a concept!!


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