UPDATE: Police Identify Grandson of Couple Found Dead Monday

Police are looking for Matthew Long who lived in Sudbrook Park with his grandparents, and a neighbor said it's uncharacteristic of the grandson to be gone at all.

UPDATE (9:04 a.m. Sept. 12) Police have identified the 31-year-old grandson of the couple found dead Monday in their Pikesville home. Meanwhile, a neighbor says the fact that he is now missing is "so weird."

Matthew Long lived with the victims, Vaughn and Marjorie Pepper, according to a news release from Baltimore County police.

Police found the couple's bodies at just after 4 p.m. Monday in their home at 800 Olmstead Road in historic, wooded Sudbrook Park.

They had suffered traumatic wounds and there were no signs of forced entry to the Pepper's home.

Homicide detectives are investigating and want to speak with Long, police announced Tuesday.

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Neighbor Wes Bickham said Long had moved in with the Peppers about a year ago.

Although Bickham did not know Long's name, he said he had met him and later would exchange hand-waves and head nods when Long was outside with his grandfather.

"But he was never too social," Bickham said.

Bickham would speak with Vaughn Pepper, 87, though, "every once in a while when we were doing yards," he said. "He had gone to using a Rascal to get around, but still did all his yardwork."

And that is what Bickham said was odd, that Pepper would do the yard, although he had an adult grandson living with him who could help.

"To me I saw that as a trust issue ... that Mr. Pepper would drive and do the yard," Bickham said.

And Bickham didn't see Long leave the home unless he was with his grandparents, with Vaughn Pepper always the driver.

And now that the Peppers are dead, "It's so weird that he's gone," Bickham said.

Marjorie Pepper's health was declining, so she mostly stayed inside, said Bickham and other neighbors. She was 85.

But both were often mentioned for prayers in the bulletin at their church, St. Charles Borromeo, another neighbor said. That was because of their health.

Police have said the Peppers' deaths were not shootings. Investigators recovered what they believe to be the murder weapon but have not said what kind of weapon was used, according to the release.

Police believe the Peppers died some time Saturday, the release states.

Bickham said the Peppers and their grandson "kept a pretty secluded lifestyle.

"It's a pretty close-knit neighborhood, but some people like to have a little more privacy," he said.

Bickham looked to the Peppers as grandparent figures of his own. He said  he saw characteristics of his own grandparents in the Peppers, so he was fond of them.

"I hope the grandson's not in trouble and that it's not a bad situation," he said. "It's sad (to think) that this happens to one of the most special relationships.

"Everybody's shocked and you feel sad that there wasn't anything else anybody could do."

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