Cockeysville Resident Charged with Robbing 74-Year-Old Woman

The suspect is being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center without bail.

A Cockeysville resident was arrested and charged with robbing a 74-year-old woman on July 30, according to Baltimore County police.

Police arrested Lenny Carela, 38, of the unit block of Breezy Tree Court, and charged her with armed robbery, assault, as well as 12 other charges related to the incident, online court records show.

Carela is currently being held without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

She is accused of breaking into the home of 74-year-old Cockeysville woman, while the victim was walking her dog, according to a news release.

The victim came home at about 8 a.m. and discovered Carela allegedly holding her purse and cell phone.

"The victim confronted Carela, and a physical fight followed in which Carela attempted to choke her, threatened her with a knife and dragged her to the basement," according to the release.

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Blaxx Gudon August 31, 2012 at 02:25 AM
Almost final on Romney Supporter: I hope I have given you something to chew on. I was in Canada this past week. I consider that Country civilized. You see all types of people in all shades. Two main languages are spoken in the province where I visited. The streets were amazingly clean. During my time, three candidates were running for election, voting is on 9/4. While we drove around the city, I was looking for posters in people's lawns, people holding signs up since election was just a few days away. I was looking for TV commercials by Superpacs, unions, and party affiliates, putting out negative information to support their candidates. I have to report that I did not see any of those. This civilized Country that has free health care system for all, supports gay marriage, and the citizens pays taxes for the benefit of the environment they live. I have visited England, where the National Health Service covers everybody. The doctor works for the government and is reviewed yearly on how they have been keeping cost down. The doctor gets a bonus if he can show that he has been able to reduce the medical cost of a patient by doing simple things like encouraging an obese patient lose weight and maintain a balance diet or help a patient quite smoking. When was the last time your doctor really took interest in your overall wellbeing?
Blaxx Gudon August 31, 2012 at 02:39 AM
Almost Final on Romney Supporter: I feel sorry for you somehow. We have been brainwashed and are so eager to jump on any bandwagon without thorough investigation and is very sad. This Country that was built by the people who were forced to live their countries for fear of prosecution based on their religious and political believes. Is sad that we have continued to become the worst thing they ever envisioned. We speak of Freedom, while a gay person in this country do not have the free liberty to have a civil Union in the Court because some people consider their union to be against the bible. Religion was the one thing the writers of the Constitution agreed should never be part of the government's role. Anybody should be able worship or not and still receive fair treatment according to the law of the land which was supposed to be impervious to religion. WE are not. WE the people, is now WE the irrelevant. The audacity of the GOP, setting America up, as the leader in Policing the world. Romney talks about building a strong army, yet none of his five sons signed up for any military service. Is ok for other people's sons and daughters to face death. I have had speeches tonight and to each speaker, I say how much did you pay for the speech writer...I need a part-time job. I suggest you watch C-SPAN too. You can get to hear argument from the horse’s mouth without the filter.
Blaxx Gudon August 31, 2012 at 03:09 AM
Finally On Romney Pt 1: I started work at 16 and have been paying into the Medicare. Ryan's plan about people that are less than 55 years old now, fending for themselves with a voucher does not suit me. Have you tried purchasing insurance on your own? I want my money back when is my turn. Here is my recommendation: A real dialog on term limits for Congress and State legislatures. Explanation on what small government entails regarding sustaining and maintaining the way we live. I want to be comfortable shopping for goods and services because I know the product have undergone safety measures to ensure that am not poisoned. I want honest campaign where there is limitation in donation and who gets to donate. John McCain had great campaign finance bill a few years ago, that was watered down and is useless. I want Congress to seat down in a room, review all the federal expenditures and COMPROMISE, yes you had me and it’s not a dirty word on what gets cut and what does not without the lobbyist, so-called consultants, or the media.
Blaxx Gudon August 31, 2012 at 03:16 AM
Final Pt2: I want all negative television ads ban. Ads. must only address the Candidates plans and should not mention their opponent. Candidates must debate often and have time to answer unfiltered questions from the people. I want the issue of marriage, religion, and abortion to be struck out of the federal and political mandate. Those should be left to the people involved to determine their future and their faith. You can’t say small government, the begin cutting out all social programs because is “socialism”, then turn around and start telling people how to live. Or suggesting that Government is too intrusive, yet, turn around and begin managing women’s reproductive abilities. These will be a good beginning for America to becoming a Civilized Society and just maybe, others will begin to view them as a leader. Suggestions, if you are able, travel outside of the US to other developing countries and really see how people live. Brazil have free health plan. Get ready, to hear the DEMS next week --- am certain the same bull will repeated in various shades. One positive for the GOP - there were a few more minorities this time than last four years. Good night and I wish you pleasant dreams.
M. Mister October 10, 2012 at 03:44 AM
Pete, Your Comments are enlightening, I worked with her and never would have seen this coming, Hope your mom is alright, and to all of you talking about the criminals, its not just illegals, its everyone,


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