Stevenson President: Lockdown Caused by 2 Students 'Who Had Poor Judgment'

A pellet gun was found and the lockdown was lifted at the Owings Mills campus.

Two students hunting near Stevenson University caused an hours-long lockdown at the Owings Mills campus Monday afternoon, according to police.

Officers responded to the campus at 2:23 p.m. on Monday after two students saw what they believed was a person with a gun and called 911, according to a prepared statement from the Baltimore County Police Department.

Security personnel at the university also received a report of a person with a gun and placed the campus on lockdown, police said.

The students had been shooting at ducks and geese, and no charges would be filed, police reported Monday night.

"It appears that the incident was caused by two students who had poor judgment of hunting in the woods with two BB rifles near campus," Stevenson University President Kevin J. Manning, Ph.D., wrote in a message to students.

The school remained on lockdown for more than three hours before police cleared the scene, according to WNEW 99.1 FM.

Police said Stevenson remained on lockdown as officials tried to get more information on the report that a person was seen with a gun, according to the Associated Press.

Nearby, St. Timothy's School was also placed on lockdown, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Officers and special units like aviation, K-9, and the tactical team responded to assist with the search and investigation, Baltimore County police said.

"There was a pellet gun recovered from a vehicle on campus and two students are being interviewed by police in reference to the incident," according to a statement from the department. "Those students voluntarily came out of a building to speak with police."

Police said there were no injuries and no shots fired, and the department was continuing to speak with the two students Monday night to understand what happened.

Stevenson University posted the following notice on its website: "ALL CLEAR — Emergency situation at the Owings Mills Campus no longer exists. It is safe to exit your location. All classes and activities at Owings Mills and Owings Mills North campuses are cancelled this evening."

Patch editor Deb Belt contributed to this article.
moe green April 01, 2014 at 07:16 AM
the "lockdown" was caused by college management who panicked. "the sky is falling, the sky is falling"
anthrogirl April 02, 2014 at 09:43 AM
Having to be on a heightened state of awareness is a necessity these days. Being wary of civilians with guns and calling the police when we see them is a good policy. Not calling and hoping for the best can get you or others killed because with civilians, you never know the good guys from the bad guys. The NYT does daily and weekend gun reports where it highlights gun violence incidents across the nation. Just this weekend we had several bar shootings as well as residential shootings with a dozens caught up unexpectedly. They were victims of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. We also see in these reports responsible gun owners making mistakes, allowing children and others access to their guns where they end up shooting themselves or others, on purpose or by accident. We see weekly reports of responsible gun owners taking out their anger or depression (things we all suffer from time to time) on others and themselves. For example, on average 45 women (stat from recent SCOTUS ruling) are shot dead by their husbands, boyfriends or exs each month in the US. That's more than 10 dead women (moms, sisters, aunts, etc) killed by men they know per week. Sometimes others such as children, co-workers & by-standers are also shot &/or killed during these domestic shootings. Too often we see people fall prey to their emotions or drug/alcoholic conditions. They are listed as criminals but we all know that most of them once thought of themselves as "responsible gun owners". Statistically, gun deaths by accidents, suicides and domestic violence overshadow all other gun deaths by 2:1. You're more likely to be shot by an emotional or drunk or angry or drugged or mentally unstable gun owner than you are by a gang member, a home invader, a rapist or a thief. So you best stay away from anyone with a gun and call the police because you never know the intentions of a civilian carrying a gun.
Henry Chinery April 03, 2014 at 08:12 PM
Nothing wrong with calling the police to check out someone with a gun in a place they are not expected to be. From a distance, a pellet gun looks just like a real one. That being said, anthrogirl, you should get your news from other places than the NYT who has a notorious liberal, anti-gun stance. Then you could read about the good that is done by citizens with guns. You could also read about things like the women who was stabbed to death in her apartment by her estranged husband while the police who brought her there to get her stuff sat outside. Had she had a gun, she might have been able to defend herself like the woman in Randallstown a few years ago. She came back from taking her trash out to find her estranged husband in her living room with a baseball bat. (So much for restraining orders!). She pulled out a gun and shot him dead before he could beat her with the bat. Guns do more good than harm. Sign up for a NRA "Women On Target" or "Refuse To Be a Victim" course and find out the truth. Molon Labe!
anthrogirl April 03, 2014 at 09:21 PM
Henry. I know that as a woman with a gun in my home, I'm twice as likely to die by gun shot wounds than a woman who has no gun in her home. I know from the recent SCOTUS case on guns and domestic violence that over 40% of all women shot dead in the US are killed in domestic violence situations where guns in their homes are used against them. I know from that same case that over 10 US women per week are shot dead by partners or ex-partners. And that does not include those who are shot and live. 84% of women shot dead in the world last year were killed right here in the US. That makes the US a dangerous place for women. Also, having a gun increases the success rate of suicide significantly, making gun deaths for women with guns even more likely. Suicide attempts with a gun are 80-90% effective compared to less than 10% success rate of overdose. I doubt that women are shooting rapists and attempted murders to death at rates that offset domestic shootings and suicides. Guns are a liability for women and intelligent women know this. Scared, uneducated, and/or weak women look to guns because they desire power over their fears and over others.... much the same as men.
anthrogirl April 03, 2014 at 09:32 PM
Remember that FL woman who was sentenced to 20 years in jail for shooting a warning shot when her husband was threatened to attack her? Well, she appealed and got a new trial. The less than happy prosecutor said that she would now look to put this self defending gun shooting woman away for 60 years. Lesson here - if you're a woman and you use your gun when you feel threatened, be prepared to spend a big chunk of time in jail.


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