Opinion: Is Arbutus Really Going Down the Tubes?

"Arbutus is doomed," one Patch reader suggests.

"Why don't you do a story on things that matter like the lack of effort from local small business to make downtown a clean area that makes people want to visit here?," an Arbutus Patch reader wrote on our Facebook wall in response to in Lansdowne.

Downtown looks like a dump. Between the fence in the parking lot next to Highs (Pantry One) all the trash in the parking lots. The rat epidemic if you live near downtown. Arbutus is doomed. It's turning into a suburban inner Baltimore city. Paint all the tunnels you want it's still a **** hole and going south fast!

Maybe I'm biased because as the Arbutus Patch editor I have a bird's eye view of the good and the bad that happens in this area. Or perhaps I'm biased because this is my neighborhood, too.

According to commander Capt. John Spiroff, the incidence of crime in this area is lower than other sections of Baltimore County, and rates in most categories of crime are decreasing year after year.

Are there problems? Of course there are. Our corner of Baltimore County experiences many of the same conditions that affect other communities. No neighborhood, rich or poor, is immune from crime.

I also know that there are numerous civic groups with people who are dedicated to enhancing and improving the community--Arbutus Business and Professional Association, Arbutus Improvement Association, Halethorpe Improvement Association, Relay Improvement Association and Lansdowne Improvement Association among them.

These people are doing things like scrubbing graffiti, cutting back overgrown vegetation, cleaning stream beds and waterways, clearing walking trails, landscaping public areas, installing welcoming signs and benches and a variety of other projects.

Lansdowne Improvement Association is spearheading a cleanup of Hillcrest Park on June 2, if you're curious what an involved community looks like. Or, if you want to help.

Maybe I'm biased because in the 30 years I've lived here and sent my kids to local schools, I've decided that Arbutus is still the best place to live in Baltimore County.

Or maybe I've just become a victim of lowered expectations, immune to the signs of decay around me. Am I really living in a **** hole?

What do you think? Is Arbutus going down the tubes, or getting better?

Arbutus Town Crier July 28, 2012 at 03:27 AM
@Patti Sue Nolan, well I gave you the RAW Truth Documented info! info what can you do? if these cannot be corrected how do you expect for Arbutus to regain the heritages that Arbutus deserves? What should have happened was instead of slop allot or what ever the name of the depressed store in Superfresh was The Amish restaurants and bakery instead of Patapsco would have drawn other business into our great town. Maybe Arbutus can be a place of artisans natural food etc to draw in
Arbutus Town Crier July 28, 2012 at 03:39 AM
you asked
Fuck Arbutus October 29, 2012 at 08:43 AM
Fuck arbutus. I got robbed twice in one week. Around 5k of stuff in total.
Arbutus Town Crier November 16, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Be more Active and "work with your neighbors", and you may want to change your name for starters .
K December 13, 2012 at 04:02 PM
I've grown up in Arbutus and I have seen a definite change in the lifestyle here. As a kid I was able to ride my bike around and hang out anywhere without feeling threatened. Now, being older, I'm practically scared to walk around alone. I've had my car broken into twice. It's been vandalized two more times. Bot of my brothers cars have been vandalized. I was victim of armed robbery twice in three months. Like, really? Plus, Arbutus is boring and does not offer a lot of opportunity. Adolescents have nowhere to go and spend their time. I guess the only option is to hangout at the former AES gazebo. Either that or a hookah lounge or antique shop. Arbutus needs something more than a movie theatre for the kids. On the topic of opportunity, since Arbutus is so small and many businesses do not have ample enough business to expand, job opportunities suck! There's nearly no where to have a 'professional' job so our middle class workers must branch away from Arbutus. In addition, teenagers looking for jobs are often denied because either the establishment can't afford to pay wages or they have no room for anymore employees because the ones that do have jobs there keep them for a long time since job opportunity is poor. And what are the teenagers to do? Without a license or a ride outside of Arbutus they can't work. I would like to see more family restaurants in Arbutus. How about a Cracker Barrel!?


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