Baltimore County Death Notices through Jan. 4

Below are links to obituaries as listed by several funeral homes in Baltimore County.


Click on the name of the deceased to read the full obituary and/or to submit online condolences.


Sterling Ashton Schwab Witzke Funeral Home of Catonsville, Incorporated  (Catonsville)

Location: 1630 Edmondson Ave, Catonsville

Phone: 410-744-8600

Catherine Francis died Jan. 3.  She was 75.

Charles Broessel died Dec. 27.  He was 89.

Nicholas Incaprera died Jan. 2.  He was 82.

Grace Hillyer Foster Shertzer died Dec. 28.  She was 97.

Jerry Donald Smith died Dec. 28.  He was 81.


Craig Witzke Funeral Care (Catonsville)

Location: 9 Newburg Ave, Catonsville

Phone: 443-830-0310

John Warren Miller, Jr. died Dec. 31.  He was 70.


Sol Levinson & Bros. Funeral Home (Pikesville)

Location: 8900 Reisterstown Road

Phone: 410-653-8900

Martin Anflick died Jan. 2.

Cara Gwen Becker died Dec. 30.   

Rose Datnoff died Dec. 31.

David Louis Pinsky died Dec. 30.


Eckhardt Funeral Chapel (Owings Mills)

Location: 11605 Reisterstown Road, Owings Mills

Phone: 410-356-7676

John Edwin Neeb died Jan. 2.  He was 85.

Charles Richard Franey died Dec. 30. He was 82.


Eline Funeral Home (Reisterstown)

Location: 11824 Reisterstown Road, Reisterstown

Phone: 410-833-1414

Aaron Lee Brewton died Dec. 31.


Ambrose Funeral Home (Arbutus)

Location: 1328 Sulphur Spring Rd., Arbutus

Phone: 410-242-2211

Marie E. Dzbynski died Jan. 1.  She was 87.

Linda Parris died Jan 1.  She was 64.

Darlene Lane died Jan. 1.  She was 43.

Irene Weiman died De. 29.  She was 76.

Edward Ledbetter, Sr. died Dec. 31.  He was 54.

Charles “Buck” Buschmann died Dec. 29.  He was 76.

Gibson “Roy” Vanhorn died Dec. 29.  He was 67.

John C. Coolahan died Dec. 30.  He was 82. 

Alice E. Harlow died Dec. 26.  He was 71.


Connelly Funeral Home of Essex

Location: 300 Mace Avenue, Baltimore

Phone: 410-687-7100

Kenneth J. Prayley died Dec. 26.

Rosita A. Strim died Dec. 30. 


Bruzdzinski Fruneral Home

Location: 1407 Old Eastern Avenue, Essex

Phone: 410-686-4888        

Marie A. Schap died Jan. 3.  She was 97.

Violet Marie Hall-Horner died Jan. 3.  She was 90.

Mattie Jane Williams died Jan. 2.  She was 88.

Ruth Wrightson Christopher died Jan. 1.  He was 71.

Dorothy Eileen Clark died Jan. 1.  She was 89.

Margaret Lorraine Harris died Dec. 31.  She was 96.

Cheryl Lynne Gawlas-Hartman died Dec. 30.  She was 49.

Edna Louise Tucker died Dec. 29.  She was 71.


Holly Hill Memorial Gardens 

Location: 10201 Bird River Road, Baltimore

Phone: 410-335-5300

Susan Ravenscroft died Dec. 29. 

William J. Hollandsworth died Dec. 28. 

Lance Cook died Dec. 21.  He was 55.


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