Tagg Romney, The Newest Member of Our Rude Nation

We know politics is a rough business, but isn't there a difference between rough politics and course language? Are simply becoming a rude nation?

Rudeness is no longer tolerated in our society, it is now celebrated. We see it on television, in print and online. Here are some recent examples of rude behavior on both sides of the aisle:

1. During a radio interview yesterday Tagg Romney said that he wanted to take a swing at President Obama for calling his father a liar during the debate. He said the Secret Service would have intervened had he attempted to do so. He has since said he was kidding. Tagg has also been known to drop a birther joke to the faithful.

2. Congressman Joe Wilson called the president a liar during a televised joint session of Congress. He made his obligatory apology and then he fundraised off the incident.

3. John Sununu while being interviewed by Andrea Mitchell called the president "lazy." She gave him a chance to take it back, but he doubled down on his unflattering critique.

4. Chris Matthews while appearing Morning Joe called the GOP Chairman Reince Priebus a "liar."

5. Appearing on CNN Van Jones called Mitt Romney a "douche," a comment he later apologized for.

6. Eleanor Holmes Norton, delegate at large for Washington, D.C., tweeted in reference to the last presidential debate that Mitt Romney "shot his wad" on the first debate.

7. Donald Trump continues to push his birther agenda.

8. Joy Behar, co-host of The View, called GOP Senate Candidate Sharron Angle a word that rhymes with witch.

9. Fox News' Chris Wallace asked presidential contender Michele Bachmann if she was a "flake."

10. Clint Eastwood's, profanity laced empty chair routine at the GOP convention.

What do all of these incidents have in common? They all reflect the courseness of our dialogue. We have become a rude nation. People feel they have a right to say anything. There seems to no longer be a filter or a cut off switch. Say it. Tweet. Post it. Just get it out there, and our instant media is a blessing and a curse because now we have the tools to say it quickly and think about it later. So what if I have to apologize? At least I shared "my truth." The trouble is sometimes your truth is just rude and you probably should keep it to yourself.

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Chuck Burton October 20, 2012 at 02:22 PM
You either have freedom of speech or you don't! Freedom of speech means you can say anything you want to as long as it isn't libelous, without cost. You can choose to be course or obscene, or choose not to be. But all "rules " about what you say are contrary to our Constitution.
DJ Groove October 22, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Forget about rudeness for a second. I shall call myself "White Dad Politics" from now on. Oh wait, but I can't - it's outrageously racial, isn't it?


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