Family Emotional in Wake of Murder Developments

'How could he raise his kids and look them in the face every day?' - Relative reacting after police charged husband of Christine Jarrett with killing her and disposing of her body in the family's backyard.

Patricia Mueller questions how Robert Jarrett, 57, could have stayed in the family home if he knew his wife's body was buried under a shed in the backyard. Jarrett is in custody her sister, Christine.

"How could he raise his kids and look them in the face every day?" Mueller said in an interview with The Baltimore Sun. "How could you go out in that yard, and have parties or cookouts, and know she's only a couple steps away?" 

Jarrett remained in the house with his family at 6050 Claire Dr. in Elkridge, MD, after the and continued living there with his second wife. 

in the killing of Christine, who was  on Jan. 5, 1991. Jarrett's second wife, whose name has not been released by police, has declined comment. A note posted on the door of the residence says, "No trespassing. No media."

In the days that followed the April 18 discovery of Christine's remains under floorboards buried in concrete, relatives have shared feelings of anger and betrayal.

" for the last 20 years," Karen Hoke, Christine Jarrett's niece, told The Baltimore Sun. "I'm not a policeman, but if your spouse turns up missing and you're all of a sudden laying concrete in the dead of winter, some kind of flags should've went up."

Hoke also said that Jarrett did not want to report his wife missing, according to The Baltimore Sun.

A woman who identified herself as Sherry Jarrett, sister-in-law of Robert Jarrett, said that although she had suspicions, the charges were a shock.

"He basically fooled everyone for 21 years. Even though there was always some inkling of a doubt, you don't want to believe someone you know that well is a freaking murderer!” said Sherry Jarrett .

Christine and Robert Jarrett's two sons, ages 26 and 32, have declined comment on the criminal charges against their father, according to WBAL.

The second wife has also declined comment.

"It's not easy," she told the Howard County Times, adding: "I understand it's an ongoing investigation....It wouldn't be proper for me to make a comment at this time."


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