Dish'in Nutrition and Festive Fare: 'Eating To Be Filled' & 'Chocolate-Covered Strawberries'

One will never be able to achieve with food, what feeding one’s emotions will. The emotional feeling of full is something that food itself will never have the power to render!

Eating well during this most Festive time of year, is really as simple as surrounding yourself with great tasting, ‘Healthy - Holiday Fare.' In fact, back in the day when my blog “Memoires of A Fitness Diva”  was nothing more than a single ‘eye catching’ home page (which by the way, back then I would have been THRILLED to have had the chance to share with you that “I created it ALL by myself"). 

My next order of business was to undertake the pain staking task of coming up with what I considered to be catchy titles. I needed them for each of the topics I had wished to spend time espousing (while wanting nothing less than to be ‘waxing eloquent’ of course) my own personal, educated and experienced opinions.

Apparently, I felt I had something of interest to share on these matters and after 20-plus years in the business … apparently others of you have agreed, (THANK GOD)!

Some of the titles seemed to come a little easier like “Monday’s Motivational Minute” or “Tuesday’s Dish’in Nutrition." They just seemed to kind of roll off my tongue.

However, when it came to naming what would become my recipe page, I was a bit stumped. While it would certainly contain nothing other than sound, nutritious and healthy recipes--nothing that I tried, seemed to come up with anything that made these dishes sound even half way appealing, and THEY ARE! That’s when it hit me. “This Week’s Festive Fare!"

Why Festive? Well, when we consider all through history, eating by nature has been a festive occasion. Every culture celebrates the union of two becoming one ( a wedding if you will) with food.

Bringing it back to basics, throughout history, people have celebrated the kill of a hunt, with the preparation and sharing of the food the hunt has rendered.  

We still don’t have it right, (like it used to be), but when being consumed properly, food is supposed to be eaten purposefully.

Most often, food has been a means to bring us together. Since the dawn of time, we have record of a “meal” as being a very meaningful shared experience between family members and friends – all coming together to “break bread” and to consume not only a meal, but the events and the experiences of the day as well. In today’s world, we’ve lost most of that and our society as a whole reflects the outcome.

Albeit a ‘Holiday’ or not, what’s more festive than something that is meant to bring people together!

So then, the partaking of food is at least meant to be a celebration of life – bearing each others times of happiness and sorrow, consuming the good with the bad.

When we dine, we’re meant to come together and become closer by having shared much more than a simple meal together.

SO, the title was conceived “THIS WEEK’S FESTIVE FARE!"

No matter what time of year, you too can use your imagination to create great tasting healthy fare.

But this time of year in particular, why not pull out a tried and true favorite that’s perfect for every special occasion, especially this time of year?

You really can create some very easy-to-make, decadent Holiday Treats that won’t even come close to breaking the calorie bank. In addition, by doing so, you relieve the feelings of being "deprived."

Feeling as though you don’t have to live on celery sticks at every Holiday party you’ll come across … where others are licking their fingers on the sweet treats.

It will go a long way in helping you go the distance in maintaining a healthy body weight, (or to be precise, a healthy body fat percentage). Knowing you can partake of some of the things you’ve always THOUGHT were off limits can keep you on track.

In addition, EAT THEM MINDFULLY. Take your time and savor each bite … and while you do, why not consider sharing a bit of yourself with someone you’ve never met? You just may find that you’ll truly begin to understand the meaning of filling up.

One will never be able to achieve with food, what feeding one’s emotions will. The emotional feeling of full is something that food itself will never have the power to render!

                Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

  • Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate are a healthy sweet party snack disguised as an indulgence. Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants, which support a healthy body. Mix 1 tbsp. of vegetable oil into two cups of dark chocolate chips and microwave in 30-second increments until melted. Stir with a spoon each time you stop the microwave for a smooth consistency. Dip washed strawberries with the leaves still attached into the chocolate and set them onto a sheet of waxed paper. Refrigerate before serving.

                                                                 (Compliments of Ehow.com)

Eat Well to Live Well!

Until Next Time … Happy Holidays,

From the Fitness Diva,


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