Treat of the Week

A consuming passion for small indulgences.

A freshly fried Fractured Prune donut is sublimely decadent; a perfect torus of hot goodness hand-dipped into custom-made glaze, adorned with toppings and sprinkled with sugar.

How to choose among specialty donuts like banana nut bread (banana glaze, cinnamon sugar and peanuts), strawberry shortcake (strawberry glaze, graham cracker, powdered sugar) trail mix (banana glaze, peanuts, coconut and chocolate jimmies) and french toast (maple glaze and cinnamon sugar)?

Or create your own from one of 15 glazes, six toppings and three different sugars. The possibilities boggle the taste buds, and at $1.25 is a treat that can't be beat.

Fractured Prune
3720 Washington Boulevard


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